A Little About The Barre Body Pilates Class:

Our version of a Barre Body Pilates Class focuses on getting longer, leaner, healthier, happier and svelte physiques. This class combines many aspects of dance, fitness, Pilates, yoga and myofascial release. It’s structured to firm, lift and tighten all your best assets while restoring the congested areas. Our class tones your seat, abdominals, thighs, and arms as well as strengthens your legs and spine while improving your posture. The class varies from high energy to low impact, we work, we stretch, we isolate and lengthen. You will use your own body weight for resistance targeting each of your muscle groups to the point of fatigue. Subsequent to your hard work we then stretch those muscles in a way that promotes that elongated body.

The class can be structured to create variations for an athlete or be taken down a notch by offering modifications for the beginner. Nonetheless, you will have fun, your heart will elevate and you might end up shaking that booty while slimming your waist, now lets plie and releve !

Interested in getting Barre Body Pilates certified?

Have you always wanted to get into the fitness industry but didn’t know where to start?

We are looking for fitness enthusiasts wanting to get paid to workout and to do what they love !

We host roughly 3 ‘in-studio’ Barre Body Pilates Certifications a year. Created by Jasmine Sharp herself of The SHARP Method. And we travel to other studios / fitness facilities wanting to add BBP to their current fitness schedule so please feel free to share this good news with your friends that you want to have our BBP Method in their lives too!

No fitness nor dance background required. You could start teaching as early as 30 days from Cert weekend and start earning a living teaching fitness and Barre. You will learn the method of the class then how to teach and build your own creative Barre Class!

Please email us for complete details!

Now let’s get to class !