Body transformation IS worth the wait. Carpe Diem. The SHARP Method comes to you from years of fitness experience, passion for education, and the desire to make people happy inside and out.

A typical SHARP Method fitness class combines the holistic principles of Pilates-inspired movements with sweat-inducing, body-contorting exercises from ballet, gymnastics, professional athletes and sports techniques, weight training and yoga. Yes, ONE METHOD, 50 minutes.

You will feel multiple muscles working at the same time which we call “compound movement.” We utilize “muscle confusion” so the body does not have the opportunity to plateau, thus using both “fast twitch” and “slow twitch” muscle fibers while promoting muscle fiber elongation. In other words a long svelte body without bulk.

Our Method strives to stick to “ONE SLOW MINUTE” for most exercises pertaining to our arms, abs, side laterals and back, and extend it a little longer to roughly TWO minutes for our legs and glutes, interspersed with our JumpBoard to kick it up a notch for cardio.
The method also “blocks” specific body areas consistently from start to finish before we move onto another body area.

Time and time again we hear, “I feel muscles I’ve never felt before!”
This is why The SHARP METHOD works for us, and WILL for you!
Lean legs, lifted glutes, cinched core, sculpted arms, beautiful smile, heart of gold.

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