Our machines are custom-designed specifically for The SHARP Method technique.

Reinventing the classical Pilates reformer machine was not necessary, however delivering an instant body-beautifying technique for the reformer machine was.

This is where The SHARP Method created the Jasmine Style Reformer in 2010.
Our intentions were to create a machine that could ultimately provide the power of 5: instant gratification visually, physically, internally, mentally and spiritually.

The SHARP Method technique also focuses on again the power of 5 elements both internally and externally: strength, length, flexibility, non-impact cardio, and an “ahhhhh” release.
The Machine fuses the holistic principles of Pilates-inspired movements utilizing resistance and counter-resistance. The machine encompasses a system of springs, pulleys, platforms and footbars, when used together in a sequence, allows for periods of zero gravity muscle contraction. It also offers a weight training aspect for long and lean muscle definition and sculpting.

The jasmine style reformer helps to correct muscular imbalances and improve posture, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility. It also helps strengthen intrinsic tissues, lengthen extrinsic muscles, and increases breathing capacity and organ function. The jasmine style reformer machine accommodates everyone, pre+post natal moms, everyday fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes, those injured + rehabbing, those aging, supermodels and its fit for teens with mind body awareness or in training for dance or sports recruitment. So sweat ONE, sweat ALL!

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