The SHARP Method Educator Program

The Fitness Industry IS a very rewarding industry. You get to do what you LOVE, create lean muscle mass in clients bodies, address imbalances not only in their bodies but their LIFE, lift their pelvic floor and instill HOPE to THRIVE as an individual! Quite an amazing CAREER if you ASK ME.

The certification will stimulate you, challenge you, educate you, it will teach you how to “teach, educate, and be the best instructor,” it encourages you to continue to GROW. The culture, the community, provides a sense of belonging and camaraderie, in addition to the instructors education level is top notch! A classical Pilates Certification nor a Personal Training Certification is not necessary but it may help when it comes to the sections on anatomy, biomechanics, rehab, pre+post natal, etc. The SHARP Method trains you to teach as little as an individual, 1 on 1, and up to as many as a large class number sizes of 8, 10, 12, 14. We train you on a pilates reformer designed specifically for The SHARP Method technique on the jasmine style reformer machine.

Video Testimonials

Everyone is excited about being part of the family!

Please take a quick 5 minutes to watch this YOUTUBE video to show one of the first studios TSM launched in 2012 utilizing The SHARP Method technique, in Los Angeles. It provides both an educators testimonial in regards to The SHARP Method and as well as a clients testimonial per the benefits The SHARP Method has on ones body.

A big thanks to Heather Young + Sylvia Probasco for their testimonials.

The SHARP Method is a Certification offers correct cueing from your Educator providing modifications to be more conservative or variations to be more aggressive. Your Educator and the Class will cater to both the Beginner and the Advanced Student. (By beginner I mean pre/post natal, the injured, the young, the mature and by the Advanced I mean the ‘all out’ MICHI pant wearing MOMS and the pro athletes that drop in a class to check it out). They are fierce ! You must accommodate both!
We also provide a “How To Be The Best” Educator because being a book worm doesn’t cut it, you will need to have some stage presence, this will help fill your classes. This is especially important if you are paid based on your numbers.

The SHARP Method shares her secrets on what can make you more marketable, hirable, likable as an instructor and how to keep your numbers strong.
You will receive a The Sharp Method Certification Certificate upon final program completion and Academy Graduation.
You will also receive a letter of recommendation upon request.
There are 2 Certification Programs:
#1. If you would like to teach at one of the Flagships (200 Hour Cert).
#2. Or if you are opening your own studio in your city using The Sharp Method Method and Machines.
Please send us an email for additional information to request thorough details on Certification Dates, Times and Pricing.

The SHARP Method

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